Collage Art Samples

In “Musical Moment” the following recycled materials were used:  pieces of old music, dried palette paint, pieces of original paintings and prints, rice paper, even the sheet that covers the candy in a candy box (upper right and lower left).


This painting is done with glued on painted pieces and dried paint that completely cover the black and white print of an original painting.  I named it “Camouflage.”

In “Sea Splendor” I used leftover prepared papers (see Collage Lesson #1), gauze, painted tissue, mat-board strips – all glued to a blue and black background.

Norton's Floral

This floral was done on tissue-textured canvas.  Each flower piece was cut from painted papers and glued on one at a time.  The vase was made from print pieces, torn in a way that leaves a white edge.

Flower Mosaic III

Flower Mosaic II“Flower Mosaics I and II” are examples of torn paper collage art. Notice the white edges.


On a background of black, white and blue are the same materials as those used in “Sea Splendor” in addition to the long strips which were cut from discarded calendar pages. The Name “Carnival” seemed appropriate.

Flower Settings

“Flower Settings” is another example of how pieces of prints from original paintings can be used in collage art.

Dragonfly Perch

“Dragonfly Perch” is another example of tissue-textured canvas.